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"I love that space where technology and design collide"

"I build on the corner of dreaming and reality"

Latest Projects

I always seek to find new and interesting projects to improve my skills upon, some just take longer than others. This is what I'm currently creating or have recently finished:

The Locker Room

Since May of 2014 I have been working as the Creative Director of a company crafting a mobile app called The Locker Room. This mobile app focuses on a new social experience for a niche market.

Upper Limb Impairment Calculator

Another project that I have been working on is an android redesign for an app called Upper Limb Impairment Calculator utilizing Google's new material design guidelines. When the final app reaches the Google Play store more images and details will be put up.

Mobile App for Ricoh

Over the summer of 2014 I had the privilege of working as an intern for Ricoh. Over the course of the internship I was solely in charge of the experience design, interaction design, and motion design of a mobile app project.

My Story

Ever since I was a child, I was designing and creating games to play with my siblings. It wasn’t so much about the game itself, but the experience that my siblings would have playing it. So when I say that I have a passion for designing experiences, I truly mean a passion. I create on the corner of Reality & Dreaming.

I am a student currently studying Computing Technology: Human Centered Computing at Colorado State University. Over the past couple years working freelance, I’ve had the privilege of being an app designer, game designer, web designer, and video animator.

However, all of these link back to my main passion: user experience design.


Fun Facts & Hobbies

I wrote a series called Android Design Corner for Android Authority

To work my passion for experience design with Android I created the Fourth Bar Series, a tailored set of Android roms for the Htc Amaze and the Galaxy Tab

More recently I created an Android 5.0 concept video that went semi-viral in Fall 2013

I started a project a while back to snap a shot of whatever was in front of me at 8:36pm



I'm always working on projects and creating new things. However, sometimes these just aren't portfolio worthy material. So, those projects and writings about design can be found here.

Oct 1
Oct 1

Ziro Watch Face

So I recently got an android wear device, the moto 360 to be exact, and decided to play around with creating a watch face for it. After some quick research and a whole night of playing with the code, here it is! I’m not a registered developer so it won’t be going up on the […]

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Sep 0
Sep 0

Ricoh Internship

The summer of 2014 was an interesting change of pace.  Though it wasn’t my first internship, it was the first at a large internationally based company:  Ricoh.  In case you aren’t familiar with Ricoh, they are a Japanese based company primarily known for their enterprise printing hardware and software solutions.  Their headquarters is located in […]

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JanTuttle Music Studio
Jan 0
Jan 0

Jan Tuttle Music Studio (Retired Portfolio Piece)

Link to Project     Everyone has to start somewhere and this project begins with my mother’s piano teaching studio.  Needing a better way to get current information, forms, and resources out to students, I was contracted to build a website that would be easily editable.  With this project, WordPress became my go to CMS […]

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Dec 0
Dec 0

Ray-tracing Engine

It may not always be so evident by the posts that I make on my website here, but I do spend a good amount of time writing code.  I’m a student at CSU studying Human Centered Computing and as such take a good number of computer science courses. This last semester I was enrolled in […]

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